Jan 3rd, 2022 Chart.js + Turbo Stimulus in Rails 7
Oct 14th, 2020 Thoughts on Technology Choices
Sep 7th, 2020 Integrating Google OAuth in Rails - Part 1
Aug 5th, 2020 Importing PostgreSQL Databases on Heroku
Aug 3rd, 2020 Reading - Extreme Ownership - Check the Ego
Aug 2nd, 2020 Effective One-on-One Meetings with Engineers
Aug 2nd, 2020 Job Boards for Developers
Aug 1st, 2020 Resolving Gemfile warning on Heroku because Windows
Jul 31st, 2020 Fixing Elasticsearch + CircleCI + Exit code 137
Jul 27th, 2020 Hooking up DatoCMS and Gatsby.js
Feb 9th, 2020 AWS - Building a VPC from Scratch
Feb 4th, 2020 Automated Testing. Do it.
Dec 31st, 2019 TIL - Episode 7. Utilizing Vue watchers for async data.
Dec 30th, 2019 TIL - Episode 6. Setting up Vue and Storybook.
Dec 29th, 2019 TIL - Episode 5. Fetching local data with GatsbyJS.
Nov 16th, 2019 Frontend Deployments made easy with Serverless Framework Website Component
Nov 16th, 2019 Getting Started with Serverless Framework
Nov 9th, 2019 Modern Experiences in Monolith Applications — React Portals + Rails
Nov 8th, 2019 TIL - Episode 4. Configuring GIT timeline views.
Nov 2nd, 2019 Fixing image orientation on mobile camera uploads
Oct 31st, 2019 TIL - Episode 3. Mocking node modules.
Oct 27th, 2019 TIL - Episode 2. Fix bundler versioning issues.
Oct 27th, 2019 Validating your CircleCI config
Oct 26th, 2019 TIL - Episode 1. Advice for growing businesses.
Oct 26th, 2019 Use what you know

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