Thoughts on Technology ChoicesπŸš€

The technology you choose to build your product in is a critical one. That's why it's so important to understand the context in which this decision gets made. In today's thought piece I talk about what guides me and how I think through these kinds of decisions.

Importing PostgreSQL Databases on HerokuπŸš€

Need to import a PostgreSQL database from Heroku? Check out my walkthrough on how you can import your staging or production database locally so you work with real data.

Effective One-on-One Meetings with EngineersπŸš€

Conducting one-on-ones should have the goal of surfacing successes, failures improvements within an organization. In this article, I'm going to go into what makes a good one-on-one experience and how to get the most of it from your reports.

Hooking up DatoCMS and Gatsby.jsπŸš€

Hook up DatoCMS and Gatsby.js to automate your landing page workflow. We'll use DatoCMS to manage our content and Gatsby to display it, using GraphQL to ultimately connect both platforms - making it easy for you to iterate quickly.

AWS - Building a VPC from ScratchπŸš€

I'm currently studying for my AWS Solutions Architect exam and setting up a VPC is an extremely important aspect of the exam. In fact, if you can set up a VPC from scratch by memory - you're well over halfway there. This post is a simple how-to guide for anyone interested in setting up their own VPC on AWS.

Automated Testing. Do it.πŸš€

Automated testing may not seem worth it - but its absolutely critical at any stage of your product lifecycle. Check out this post on why I think you should start automatically testing your app today.