Alvin is a rare combination of smarts and motivation. We worked together on a challenging Amex project and he was a huge help to our team when we needed him most. Our team was buried with bugs toward the end and Alvin's attitude was always: "My bugs are done, what else can I help with?" I love that.

Alvin is a solid addition to any team. Thumbs up.

He manages his time well and he is great at taking the initiative. Alvin often suggested additional improvements to make the website more efficient. A number of those suggestions were approved, and months later we are still enjoying time saving features he recommended on his own.

I was the project manager on an engagement where Alvin was the lead HTML developer. Alvin became a key contributor to the team the day he rolled onto the project. He was tasked to complete some complex HTML pages under a very aggressive deadline. Alvin is both extremely driven and organized. He ramped up to the team nearly immediately and sent out twice daily status reports to the team, communicating his goals for the day, what had been accomplished to date, and any red flags.

Even with the quick turnaround, Alvin was able to meet all deadlines for the project while producing high-quality HTML. He put in extra effort during cross-browser testing to ensure the final product delivered to the client was of the highest quality. Alvin is extremely professional and presentable in front of the client. Alvin would be a great addition to any team and I look forward to working with him on future engagements.

Alvin and I worked together on a Jello-O campaign that required quick and innovative reactions to new problems our dev team had not regularly encountered before. The site we built required JS animation, the subtleties of which required many long nights in response to last minute creative change and technical challenges. Alvin has great experience and knowledge in the area and is a quick problem solver. It was a pleasure to work with him on the project and I only wish I could have worked with him on more before his tenure at CP+B had ended. His raw intelligence and history in development will provide a great deal of added benefit to his future positions and team mates.

Alvin is one of the most dedicated and tenacious developer I've ever had the pleasure to work with in my career. He constantly pushes himself and the team to produce the highest quality work possible, and is never willing to settle for anything but the best effort from everyone on the team. As a project manager I find him to be an invaluable resource during both the planning and implementation phases, and find his scoping and estimating to be spot on.

Alvin consistently goes above and beyond my expectations to both delivery excellent work himself and to drive excellence across the team. In addition, Alvin is a strong leader and team builder and contributes significantly to the success of the team as a whole.

I have had a privilege to work with Alvin for over a year at SapientNitro and I can tell you that I am upset. Little over a year is not nearly enough to learn what Alvin knows, I feel that almost every conversation that we had ended up with something new that I have learnt about Alvin's incredibly versatile skill set.

Alvin is a great team member, he is always very excited to start a new project, he often takes a lead role on projects and communicates directly with the project manager. In addition to constructive feedback for his members Alvin also finds that day where he did not lean something new is a day wasted.

I would work with Alvin any day, or any project. I respect him as a colleague, as a leader and as a friend.

Alvin possesses a deep understanding of technology that enables him to execute elegant solutions on the web. From concept to post-launch you can be assured he will communicate options, approaches and risks.

He has a keen sense of which problems he can resolve with his teammates without pulling in a manager versus raising red flags that require outside solutions.

I would take any chance to work with Alvin again in the future because over the course of multiple projects he has solidified his reputation in my mind as a talented, reliable, communicative and hard-working developer.

I've known Alvin since high school and I count him as one of the smartest and most inspiring people I know. Over the years we've taught each other programming languages, advised on business decisions and have completed projects all over the I.T. spectrum. Alvin is a quick-thinker who can lead teams, understand technology and excite clients!